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The distressing truth that is untold of Naked

The distressing truth that is untold of Naked

Dating Naked is really a VH1 truth show that debuted in July 2014. The concept behind the show would be to set up heterosexual singles, but, while you’ve most likely guessed, this program has one twist that is major sets it aside from its television competition: the individuals are typical entirely nude. That is right — the males and girl that show up on Dating Naked have to strip straight down for the possibility at love, exposing their health so that they can snag a date that is second. Yeah. No wonder this show happens to be called “the absolute most show that is awkward television. “

As you might expect from the show as unique — and, on occasion, as cringeworthy — as Dating Naked, the show had been bound to possess a couple of concealed secrets. From shocking scenes that resulted in scandalous legal actions up to a debateable casting process, there is a great deal many people don’t understand goes on behind the cameras for the truth television manufacturing. Read on to master the untold truth of Dating Naked.

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The very first period of Dating Naked ended up being filmed in Panama, a breathtaking tropical location. Gorgeous aside from the pests, that is.