Do I need to Date a Godly Girl I Actually Do Not Find Attractive?

Do I need to Date a Godly Girl I Actually Do Not Find Attractive?

A typical concern from solitary men: If i will be perhaps not actually drawn to a godly girl, can I nevertheless attempt to romantically pursue her so that you can develop those emotions? In that case, for just how long: until it becomes unwise if not hurtful?

We don’t encourage a man that is young pursue a godly girl romantically if he does not feel real attraction at that time. But i really do adamantly encourage young men that are single pursue godly females for friendships into the hopes so it grows into more.

“The tradition informs us physical attraction is first, then character, godliness, and compatibility follow. I believe we have it backwards. ”

I did so a marriage a year ago of 1 man that spent time within my household and that has been around Lauren and me personally a whole lot, in which he saw a woman that is young our church that has been faithful to see the father and a godly girl — however the real piece wasn’t here. But he adored spending time with her. Therefore, i simply encouraged him in which to stay proximity, to develop in their relationship along with her, also to hope one thing would there grow from.

On her behalf benefit, I would personallyn’t wish him to express, “I’m going to romantically pursue you into the hopes this one i may be actually drawn to you. Day”

We carry on saying it: Godliness is sexy to people that are godly. Therefore, you see the godliness and character of a woman, you begin to take compatibility and godliness and gospel partnership more seriously than just physical attraction if you get in proximity, and.

In the 1st element of Mingling, I really address attraction being a thing that is good yet not during the level to where our tradition has place it.